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Welcome to Green Valley Strawberries - Strawberry Farms Nairne South Australia

Green Valley StrawberriesGreen Valley Strawberries - Strawberry Farms Nairne is a family owned business that is run by Jim and Lynda and daughters Danielle, Christie and Stephanie Rozaklis. The business is responsible for growing, picking, packing and marketing fresh, farm grown strawberries. The Green Valley Strawberries - Strawberry Farms Nairne business site is located on Woodside Road in Nairne, which has been their business site since 1985. Jim and Lynda Rozaklis started the business because they both had the passion and determination to grow farm fresh strawberries that supply national markets, as well as the local community.

Green Valley Strawberries - Strawberry Farms Nairne is not only strong advocates of buying and supporting local food and producers, we also like to encourage and promote health and wellness to all our customers. The location of the farm is renowned for its abundant supply of produce, with world-leading quality products. With the importation of international products rising in Australia, they are entering often filled with undetected chemicals and growth inhibitors. This is a huge ecological risk and it’s important we stick together to support our local producers and gain the best possible nutrition from the food that is around us. We shouldn’t be reliant on other countries for a sustainable food supply.

Our Mission:
The Green Valley Strawberries - Strawberry Farms Nairne team strive in taking pride in the quality of their products and the excellence of their customer service. These two aspects are brought together in the mission statement of the business.

"To provide quality food products which always please our customers."

It is very important to Green Valley Strawberries - Strawberry Farms Nairne that they maintain a good reputation in all their business dealings with employees, suppliers and customers.

The Healthy Approach

Green Valley StrawberriesHealth should be our ARMOUR. You eat pure energy when you consume quality, vital and raw ingredients. "The healthier we are, the better we will look and the happier we will feel." – If you’re not shining on the inside, I guarantee you won’t be shining on the outside.

Strawberries are one of the most powerful ‘super fruits’ available. They are full of essential nutrients such as Fibre, Vitamin C, Folate, Potassium Antioxidants. Just one serving a day (approximately 8-10 strawberries) can significantly reduce the risk of cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease and arthritis.

Apart from tasting simply delicious, strawberries as well have beneficial effects on your health. So if it isn’t just for the enjoyment itself, you now have lots of reasons to eat strawberries. In addition to being low in fat and calories, strawberries are naturally high in:

Helps reduce the risk of high cholesterol, bowel cancer and constipation.

Vitamin C:
Helps maintain healthy skin, gums, teeth, blood vessels and bones, resists infections, promotes wound healing & increases the absorption of iron and calcium within the body.

Formation of red blood cells, enzymes & DNA. (Important for pregnant women.)

Assists in fluid balance, reduces blood pressure and regulates heart function.

Helps reduce signs of aging, stress, cardiovascular disease and aids in having a healthy immune system. Apart from the obvious Health benefits, studies have shown that eating one serving (about 8-10 strawberries) a day can significantly decrease blood pressure, which may reduce the risk of heart disease. Other studies showed Strawberries are found to reduce risk of cancer, enhance memory function and arthritis.

One punnet of strawberries (250g) only contains 200kj

Contact Us

Address: 686 Woodside Road Nairne SA
Number: 08 8188 0415
Mobile: 0419 180 844

Our Recipes

Love strawberries? Freshly grown strawberries? You have certainly found the right place!

Green Valley Strawberries - Strawberry Farms Nairne provides quality strawberries and products that are bursting with freshness, flavour and health. What you see is what you get when you come visit us. Our strawberries are handpicked, hand packed & sold on the day of harvest. Our fruit has been consumed by the local and wider community within Australia for over 28 years – and we will continue to do so into the future.

Together, the TEAM at Green Valley have created clean, healthy and nutritious recipes using strawberries. Not only do the recipes taste great, there is no need to feel guilty after eating them. Once you learn the foundations towards making healthier food choices and substitutes, we guarantee you won’t want to leave the kitchen. The recipes are endless, and the health benefits are amazing. So get creative, go strawberry crazy and love what you’re doing for your health.

Click Here For Recipes

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For more information on our products or services, please contact us directly on:

T: 08 8188 0415
M: 0419 180 844

Address: 686 Woodside Road
Nairne South Australia
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